Can I travel with my loved one?

The staff of Integrity Funerals International realise that on most occasions it is the desire of the family to travel with their loved one. On every occasion we will seek to assist the family book on the same flight home as the person who has died.

We understand it is important for family to be together on the flight home so they have the comfort of each other’s support. This is not always easy at short notice. We offer you our every effort, using our contacts in the travel industry, towards achieving this.

What happens if someone dies overseas and needs to be returned to Australia?

Most families will receive a notification at their home by the local police. This initial call is often the first news of their loved one’s death. Often you are not sure where your loved one is or what has happened and there are many calls to advise immediate relatives and friends. This is often a very difficult time.

DFAT – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Australian Government has the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade known as DFAT. This is our Government’s help to the traveller abroad, not just in the matter of someone’s death, but in all matters of assistance to the traveller. DFAT has many functions but is an important help to both Funeral Directors and families who have had a death abroad. Firstly, most if not all countries have an Australian High Commission that manage diplomatic and Consular assistance abroad. They can provide local information in relation to the deceased’s whereabouts, links to local law enforcement officials and coronial facilities. They can also assist with translation, as often the first difficulty families have to face is to assess and understand what has happened. Most High Commission or Consuls aboard have local understanding about which Funeral Directors have the professional capacity to transfer a deceased internationally. Not all Funeral Directors in the world have the practical knowledge to facilitate an international repatriation and it best to deal with a recommended company who has a sound history and understanding of the process. Put here the link to Australian Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates, multilateral missions and representative offices DFAT will also ultimately approve and import permit given by the Australian government, to allow the deceased to be transferred into Australia. This import permit is usually applied for and given in conjunction with the High Commission or Consulate in the country you are dealing with and the Funeral Director consigning the deceased to Australia. It should be noted that DFAT does not fund for or organise international repatriations from other countries. They are there to provide practice assistance and help in the process. You must engage a funeral professional to help you in the process. Our best advice is to contact us here at Integrity International, so we may help you simplify the process. Because of our network of funeral partners throughout the world, we can often provide much quicker understanding and information about the situation. It is always a good practice to involve Funeral Directors around the world that have accredited memberships in funeral associations of the country involved. They are obliged to adhere to the high standards and professionalism of their Association’s Codes of Conduct and Regulations. Put…………. Thanos FIAT-IFTA link here referring to country members list Put here links to the Australian Funeral Directors Association

Travel Assistance and Insurance Companies.

Most travel insurances have an automatic coverage in the event of death abroad of the traveller. This coverage is generally underwritten by one of the five major insurance underwriters in the world e.g: Lloyds of London. These insurances generally have limits or a value attached to them in US dollars.

Along with travel insurance some credit card providers come with travel protection involved in the purchase of travel.
Overseas employment and in some cases international studies have insurance attached to them where the person required to work or study involves staying in foreign countries. In the event of a death aboard all of these avenues of insurance should be considered for coverage.

Most travel insurers will require verifying documents such as Coroner’s or police reports, in some cases, pre-existing medical conditions may nullify some insurance claims.

Once approved most insurance companies will provide payment guarantees. When provided, Integrity International will affect International Transfers with these written guarantees in place.