Welcome to Integrity Funerals International Transfers.

Our company based on the Gold Coast specialises in the transfer of human remains to every country of the world but specialise to New Zealand and the South Pacific islands. If you are faced with the need to arrange an International Funeral Transfer to New Zealand or one of the South Pacific islands we hope by our specialised knowledge and understanding of this process, we can help you make this very daunting and sometimes complex task easier for you.

Rowan Steer the Managing Director of Integrity International has nearly thirty years’ experience in the repatriation of human remains to almost, if not all counties in the world.

Whilst based on the Gold Coast, we have a wide ranging group of Repatriation Partners all around Australia, so whichever State or Territory the person who has died is, we are able to help you, simply by calling us on 1800 995 352 / 07 5576 4545 or emailing Rowan@integrityinternational.com.au or enquiries@integrityinternational.com.au

We hope you find the following website helpful. Our endeavour is to provide information that gives practical and simple understanding to the process.

An International Funeral Transfer can be a very daunting task, dealing with travel insurers, consulates and airlines, not to mention the intricate legal requirements surrounding the process and the fact that on many occasions there are language barriers and important cultural requirements.

Queensland and Australia are among the world’s premier tourist destinations. The beauty of our coastline and climate mean that people are eager to travel, study, work and retire here. Integrity Funerals International has a special dedication to, and understanding of the important and sometimes complicated task of the careful transfer of human remains to and from countries all over the world as well as different States within Australia.