What happens first?

As when any person dies, the first priority is to transfer the person to a place of safety and care,
until the appropriate relatives can be advised and their specific instructions obtained.

Once these instructions are clear (and they may come from the family, the travel insurer, or
possibly even the consulate of their country of origin) the following information will first be
required by Integrity International.


The information we need to know:

Deceased Information

• The full name of the Deceased

• Where they are located

• Passport number and Nationality

• Full name, relationship of next of kin or person responsible for arranging the transfer

• Telephone and email contact and address of Next of Kin

• Travel Insurers name and Policy number and contact details if known

• Whether Cremation or Burial is intended on arrival home if known

• Details of receiving Funeral Director if known


An explanation of the terms and items you will come across:



OK to Forward

Documents, Certificates and Registration details

Care and preservation of the deceased

Sealing of the deceased and wrapping of the casket